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Gummy Piggie Squishy

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🐷 Gummy Piggie Squishy 🍬
The Sweetest Squishy Gang in Town!

4 Satisfying Squishy Feelings! Come and Collect Them All!

🟥 Puffy - Zippy Bounce!
- Give Puffy a gentle squeeze, and watch as it quickly bounces back to its original shape. (Material: fast-rising flour)

🟨 Sandy - Smash-tastic Joy!
- Squeeze and stretch Sandy to feel the mesmerizing elasticity of the sand-filled squishy. (Material: stretchable sand)

🟩 Fluffy - Flourful Fluffiness!
- Gently squeeze Fluffy, and experience the delight of watching it gradually return to its original form. (Material: slow-rising flour)

🟦 Gooey - Sugar Sweet Magic!
- Indulge in the sweetness of Sugar-filled Gooey. Squeeze Gooey gently, and enjoy the gradual rise and soft rebound. (Material: slow-rising sugar)

*Not edible.