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WaveRunner Grip it Football

  • "Seriously, these are great little footballs for kids because they don’t hurt when teaching to trap. Further, they help with grasping because they are tactile and lightweight. Pro tip- if you use them on land and they get into a cactus - cough - you fix them up easy with fix-a-flat;) Also-they will last zero seconds with a dog. I’ve bought three and two persist;)"


  • "5.0 out of 5 stars I got a green one, cool! Now I'll get the grandsons a couple. This is perfect for kids 3 or 4 to 60 yr old kids like me. I was surprised how small 9 1/2" is but it's not a bad thing. This will be great for my grandsons, age 2 & 6. They love the water, snow. Basically what any kid likes. Getting wet or snow days. This ball is very grippy without having Jack Tatum stick-on on your fingers. (Raider HOF reference). I love it, just to spin while watching TV. And if I had a friend I'd love to toss it 50yrds. Its waterproof, kid proof, at any age. I think I'll get another."

    Cliff W. Ridley

  • "The best football I've ever had! I've loved throwing a football with friends for years. I always went for a foam one, like a Nerd or similar, because my hands are small and I don't like the hard material of a regular ball. The foam ones would disintegrate over time, so I took a chance and tried this one. Best decision! I'm a teacher and bought one for my students. They can't get enough. It's easier to throw a consistent spiral with this than any foam ball I've ever owned. The soft material is easy to grip but has enough weight to carry well. I loved it so much I bought one for myself too. Today I played with it in a pool and it never got waterlogged. My dream football, honestly."

    Johnathan S Arrowsmith

  • "My boys love it! Definitely one of the kids favorite footballs that they own! They love it both in the water and out of the water. It has a great grip it, perfect size, easier to throw…just an all around,great quality product! and like I said my boys absolutely love it! it is one of the top three footballs they grab when they go to play! They’re 12. But even my younger kids enjoy playing with it as well! Great family football for tons of fun!"

    Living That Blessed Life

  • "Wet field? No problem. Purchased as a gift for 10 year old. We daily football practice regardless of weather, thought it would be great for those days when the ground is a bit wet or it starts to rain. Lightweight so wouldn't use it on a regular basis, but great to get in some reps on a wet day."


Animolds Hug Me Giant Rubber Chicken

  • "Perfection. This thing is amazing. The loudest most annoying noise ever, almost sounds like the noise Jim Carrey makes in Dumb and Dumber when he says "want to hear the most annoying sound in the world?" The perfect gift to give your niece, especially if you don't like your sister!"

    Michael Yauss

  • "HUGE hit at Christmas! I got this for my best friend as sort of a joke gift after I saw a video of it online and heard that it will "scream" for ~45 seconds if you press all of the air out of it. As joke gifts go, this wasn't cheap, but it was so worth it. First off, this thing is enormous. The feet on this thing are solid and heavy, which is nice because it will stand up on its own and isn't relegated to laying around in a corner somewhere. There were three dogs in the house when she opened the gift and they went a bit crazy. This thing is loud. And I'm pretty sure if a dog ever got their paws on it it would take a while before being fully destroyed. It's very thick plastic/rubber. All in all, I'm very happy with my purchase! Exactly what I was hoping for."

    Amazon Customer

  • "Great Gift. I bought this for the kids of an ex friend. He was my friend until his kids got this, now, not so much. This thing will squawk for about 40 seconds, but you will think it is longer. Great to squeeze down and throw over the shower curtain. Great to squeeze and throw in during a zoom interview. Great to squeeze down and hide in a brief case, to be opened at work or airport security. Not great to give to a friend if you want to keep him and if he has annoying kids."

    Mike Harris

  • "Great gift. OMG, the chicken seriously goes on for almost a minute. It was the perfect birthday gift for my 2 year old niece. The truly awful screeching really scared her at first but then she grew to love it. She’s too weak to make it go off by herself because it’s so thick, but she has something to work up to. Hopefully, by her 3rd birthday, she will be strong enough to be waking her parents up every morning with this wonderful gift, like a rooster crowing in the morning."


  • "Best purchase ever! How can one not like and want a rubber chicken? We all need a giant rubber chicken in our lives. It makes a great friend. It welcomes neighbors home from Work with its nice long loud welcome. It says hi to neighbors over the fence- even if they are inside the house. If a neighbor happens to leave a door open it alerts them with a jolt of noise from the front step. Teenagers won’t get up for school? Who needs a rooster? The chicken does the job without the cleanup that comes with the rooster option. Can’t go wrong with this beauty. He travels well with minimal luggage and needs. A must buy for everyone wondering if they should get one."

    Lori Green


"This chicken exceeded my expectations. I am a 22 year old man and I bought this for myself. This chicken will scream for what feels like forever when you test it at 10pm in your apartment complex."

WaveRunner Water Skipping Ball

  • "Teenagers love it! My 16 year old son and his friends use to use the pool torpedoes but they got banned, so I ordered this. They love it! According to them it skips across the water really well. They've even learned how to make it skip over people (anyone else see another toy ban coming...?)"


  • "If you love to play in a pool and have someone to play with get this ball!!!!! I play catch in the pool all summer with my nephew. We had a super great time. This baby can skip!!!!! It was such great fun. Thanks so much"

    Judith M. Pryce

  • "Great water toy. My boys (7 and 5yo) LOVE these balls. They have played with them in the pool, in Lake Michigan, and in the ocean. I bought this pack as extras because I'm certain they will lose them at some point, but so far they continuously double check that we have them in our bag before we depart because they want them for the next day :)"


  • "Kids say it’s the best. Kids love playing with it at the lake. They say it’s the best skip ball we own. One happy mama."

    Christy Kolle Nelson

  • "A lot of fun! Super fun to use. Ok for a pool but best in a lake or a big body of water. These things skip FAR. I had a blast using it with a few friends."


Works Great and Is A BLAST!!!!

"Turned a day at the lake into an unforgettable day. We got them to bounce/skip on the first try and only got better and more fun the more we played with them. Well worth every penny!" - Jeff

Animolds Squeeze Me Chicken

  • "Cluck cluck! It's loud and fun! I bought this for my son to help his sensory issues and motor skills, he's obsessed with it."


  • "I’m not sure who like this GIft the Most, my wife or my dog. My wife stole it when it arrived and kept running around squeaking it at everyone and telling them to touch her... well you get the idea. My seven-year-old vizsla Received it as a present on Christmas day, after unwrapping it(by herself I might add) she proceeded to pack it around the house for two days until she got bored and Bit it’s head off... The funny part is even though it is now a headless chicken it’s still squeaks."

    Dan and Alycia Singleton

  • "Oh gosh my husband loves this. We are all sitting down at the pool and all of a sudden, we hear this chicken noise. What a hoot from all of our friends. It’s so fun!"


  • "super annoying, they're perfect ,, use to irritate your best friend, partner, or neighbors and their dogs! glow in the dark indeed. sounds like you're murdering something or doing something really bad to them when you squish it."


  • "Loud demented chicken fun! These chickens took our kid's sleepover party WAY over the top. Super funny for the adults the first 100 squawks, but the kids did not stop goofing with these. I put them away until the next absurd party. I agree with other reviewers that dogs will find these SO compelling. So far after a lot of stomping and brutal kid treatment, these are still working. Not as sure they would withstand a dog's more predatory approach."

    Sander W. Koning

  • "GIFTS ONLY LOL! My sister and brother in law HATE me. But my niece and nephew LOVE me and LOVE this toy!!!! So perfect!!"

    Nick darr

Jack Attack High Bounce Ball

  • "Gotta say this jack attack ball bounce like crazy! Every throw is amazing. Throw it really hard to the ground and it looks like it's flying to the space!"


  • "The high bounce reaction ball is truly a blast when playing with kids in the park. They never guess the next direction the ball goes! Fun product!"


  • "This high bounce ball is definitely the pefect toy for parents to wear out their kids 😂 The ball bounces so high and the kids would try to chase and catch it. If you want a peaceful quiet night, buy this ball!"


  • "Just got the ball and threw it really hard on the ground, and it soared up to 4 floors high. Amazing!"

    J. Ethan

All the grandkids love the bounce!

Sold Out

All the grandkids love the bounce. Helps get them playing with something simple and classic as well as improving hand-eye coordination. - E. Carter


All the grandkids love the bounce. Helps get them playing with something simple and classic as well as improving hand-eye coordination. - E. Carter