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Infinity Shot

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🔫 WaveRunner® Infinity Shot 💦

Get ready for a water fight like never before with the revolutionary WaveRunner® Infinity Shot!
Tired of constantly refilling your water blaster during epic battles with friends?
Say goodbye to interruptions and hello to non-stop fun with the Infinity Shot – the water blaster that shoots endlessly in the pool!

2 Ways to Play:
💭 How to draw water & shoot endlessly in the pool?
1. Pull the bottom cap downward to the ‘open’ mark and dip the bottom of the Infinity Shot underwater.
2. Pump the handle back and forth to draw water continuously & shoot ENDLESSLY!

💭 How to take your battle & play outside of pool?
1. Open the cap on the top and fill the tank.
    *Remember to push the bottom cap back to the ‘close’ mark to prevent leaking.
2. Pump the handle back and forth to shoot water!